Are you looking at purchasing a foreclosure?  You will require Foreclosure Financing. Foreclosure Financing does require more due diligence on your part. The purchase of a foreclosure property differs somewhat from the purchase of a regular property.

A foreclosure occurs when a homeowner fails to pay the mortgage. More specifically, it's a legal process by which the owner forfeits all rights to the property. If the owner can't pay off the outstanding debt or sell the property via short sale, the property goes to a foreclosure auction.

Once a property is subject to foreclosure proceedings, anyone may apply to the court for the Conduct of Sale. Often the property lender makes the application which allows the court to instruct that the property be listed for sale. Furthermore, was the borrower’s mortgage insured?  If, after a certain period, the property remains unsold, the insurer will take title to the property and pay the mortgage lender the amount of its mortgage. 

Property Disclosure

In an average non-foreclosure listing, sellers are asked to fill out a Property Disclosure Statement by answering several questions about the property for sale. In a foreclosure, there will be no PDS, the Schedule A often contains a clause that reads “The purchasers expressly agree that neither the seller nor its agents or representatives have any liability, responsibility, duty or obligation to disclose to the purchasers any information or knowledge that they have concerning the condition of the lands and premises or any latent or patent defects”  A professional home inspection would be advantageous in this situation.  This may cost you up to $500. Well worth it in the end.

The listing Realtor receives an accepted offer and brought to the court for consideration. Other potential buyers can attend court for the hearing and be allowed to present a bid.  A judge can only approve subject-free offers. Your financing must be approved and ready to go.

Buying a home in foreclosure can be a stressful experience for home buyers. Foreclosed property sales are an increased risk and uncertainty to the buyer. Longer wait times for responses to offers, higher deposits, delay in dates such as completion and possession, and longer waits for possession. The sale price may not be the deal that many buyers are expecting.

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Purchasing a Foreclosure

Purchasing a Foreclosure

When purchasing a foreclosure, it’s essential to take note of several crucial points that can significantly impact your buying experience:

Foreclosed homes

Typically find their way into the market through auctions, offering potential buyers a unique avenue for acquisition. It’s important to recognize that these homes often only make their way onto the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) when they fail to secure a buyer through the auction process.


The pricing of foreclosure homes can present a notable advantage for savvy buyers. Often, these properties are listed at prices below their market value. This affordability factor can make purchasing a foreclosure an attractive option for those looking to enter the real estate market.

Inherent Risks

It’s crucial to be aware that foreclosure properties come with inherent risks. These homes are typically sold in “as-is” condition, meaning that the buyer assumes responsibility for any repairs or renovations needed. The seller, usually a financial institution or lender, often absolves themselves of future liabilities associated with the home. This underscores the importance of conducting a comprehensive inspection before committing to the purchase, as unforeseen issues may arise that could impact the overall cost-effectiveness of the investment.

While there is an inherent level of risk associated with buying a foreclosure home, thorough research and inspection can mitigate these risks.� Understand the nuances of the foreclosure market and be diligent in your approach.� You can then navigate the challenges associated with these properties and uncover opportunities for financial gain in the real estate market.

Foreclosed homes are typically homes put on sale by lenders after the previous buyer defaults on their mortgage. Purchasing a foreclosure is rare and usually happens when a homeowner can no longer afford their mortgage and fails to sell the home before the lender takes over. Foreclosures are uncommon, and lenders are usually in a hurry to sell the property and recuperate the loss. They can sometimes even sell the house for a price lower than the market price, which could be a good opportunity for potential buyers.


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